Saturday, September 18, 2010

My farewell NOTE

A few friends of mine discussed through their social networking accounts about their feelings of the moments during the process of leaving their home for their colleges……. I just commented on their status updates as ‘No Comments’. I took 2-3 long trips – to Delhi and Bangalore but didn’t feel that separation which I felt on 10th of September this year. Yes, there were tears in my eyes on leaving my homeland BOKARO. The streets, market, school, city centre, …… all were going back my way !!! Leaving them all behind …….

Even the school farewell function couldn’t bring tears in my eyes not even the outing tours…… The only I didn’t want was tears in my parents’ eyes, so the only thing I could do was to freeze my tears…. But how long !!!! Eyes flushed out water as I left the Bokaro Steel City and I was on my train birth … I was not in a position to speak up anything …. There was a lump in my throat !! I pretended myself to be asleep. I was in my train birth for the whole day.

Late hin sahi ….. I have too joined my college …… looking forward for my better future !!!!!!


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