Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Psychology of SUCCESS in Competitive Examinations

Well, to start with, the psychology of success in todays world of competition is very complicated. In every stage of life you have to face tough competition, right from your birth to your last breath. The toughest of them is to appear for such entrance examinations...........

  • First Entrance :Admission to Class Nursery
Now a days, every good and reputed school is conducting admission tests to permit small kids of around 3-4 years to take admissions into their institutions. Here too, for every 50 seats there is one applicant, and so children are given coaching and tuitions to prepare for the same.

  • Second Entrance : Admission to Senior Secondary Levels
CBSE board has introduced grading system in class 10th board examinations. Due to this, the admission processes have become much more tougher. Good to say for ICSE and State Boards......... they are still providing students their actual marks. I mean, grading system has made a 99 % student and a 95 % student in the same grade A1. this criteria has made this level of education a tougher one to compete in.

  • Third Entrance : Admission to Under-Graduation/Post-Graduation Level
This is one of the most important of all and most probably the toughest. The ratio of number of seats in good institutions to the number of applications is approximately 1:50. Due limited number of chances the applicants try their level best to get through it.

Now how to pass them without any obstacles ..........
Some points are to be taken in care of ::::::::::>

  1. Parental Support : It contains encouragement, dedication, and involvement of parents in the preparation process of their wards.
  2. Financial Support : The applicant should be provided with all feasible sources of education/preparation for entrances.
  3. Interaction with Friends : Group Discussions, Interactions and many more ... such can help more in their success.
The above steps can sure the success of the candidate in any phase of life.

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